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Weeks 1-4

Setting the Foundations
  • Release
  • Activate
  • Connect
With your at home RYVL tools, the first 4 weeks will work on releasing and activating your foundation. Lets get the basics right first!

Week 5-8

Building on the foundations

  • Building on the foundations
  • Improving Strength
  • Improving Stability
Weeks 5- 8 will challenge your subconscious movements as you build on your new movement patterns from weeks 1-4.

Week 9-12


  • Move from Conscious to Subconscious
  • Enjoy the Progression
  • Challenge your balan
With in weeks 9-12 you will begin to enjoy the progress you have made. These 4 weeks will begin to introduce you to a continual training lifestyle

Why training off the horse is important.

Put simply, it’s because we can free you from all other distractions, to focus entirely on you and your body. Riding a horse is a complex process that fragments your attention. So when you are training with the horse you are only ever partially focused on your muscles, body and activation systems.

When out of the saddle, RYVL will have you lasered in on specific muscles, exercises and routines that will have dramatic and lasting impact when you do get back in the saddle. Importantly, training out of the saddle will unlock result for a stronger connected seat much faster than needing to ride 20 horses a day. 

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