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About the Creator 

Hi, I’m Katie, a fitness professional and designer of RYVL, the targeted fitness program for Riders. Riding demands the activation of specific and unique muscles groups, which most ordinary fitness programs just don’t target. 

I work with cyclists and equestrians of all levels. But as an equestrian rider myself, I am excited to bring this to equestrian riders. Some wanting to improve their functional fitness, some recovering from injury, but all wanting to be better at the sport they love –RYVL is the program I developed for this purpose, and now I offer it to you.

RYVL coach is a program that will guide and support you through specific exercises and activations, designed to improve your riding.  RYVL will help you feel stronger, more balanced and flexible in and out of the saddle. RYVL will teach you the fundamentals of muscle activation and how to increase performance and efficiency as you ride. RYVL will change the way you approach ride training.

With RYVL Coach, riders will see a dramatic improvement in

  • functional strength
  • flexibility and balance
  • ride performance
  • effort efficiency

RYVL Coach is for anyone aged over 16 who is interested in riding and further strength and conditioning. 

RYVL is ideal for riders wanting to:

  • Maximise performance and recovery
  • Speed recovery from injury
  • Reduce pain experienced during and after riding
  • Increase flexibility
  • Or just wanting to try a new way to stay functionally fit.



Engaging . Stabilising . Strengthening

Mail us at: info@ryvlcoach.com